Tuesday, August 7


We or rather Josh has made pee-pee in the potty!!!! You don't know how happy this has made me. He has sat upon the potty numerous times but each time he never actually peed. But he surprised himself a few nights ago and came running out of the bathroom "I peed, I peed"! You should have seen the high fives going round the house! He actually went back several times that night to see if he could do it again. :0) Now Josh has the idea, we are just working on the routine and it won't be long until we are diaper free! Woo Hoo!!!!!


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!! I will never forget Josh "peeing" in the bathroom in the Caboose. :o) I laugh when I think about it!

Anonymous said...

We started potty training Hannah on Monday! :) Esther