Wednesday, August 8

C is for....Clothes

Trying to shop with two boys who would rather be at the candy store is difficult! Running around the racks, constant begging to go to the candy store, hitting each other, falling all over the floor and that was just in one store. We did manage to get one outfit for Josh and Michael picked a shirt with no luck finding jeans. Maybe next time, as hot as it is now we'll all be wearing shorts till October.


Anonymous said...

I take it with that behavior mom wasn't with you. Otherwise the boys would be bald! :o) Boys are such little men, the majority of whom it isn't pleasant to shop with! ;o) Josh looks so grown up. :o( Happy back to school shopping!

Jen said...

Oh yes, Mom was there and I have a feeling she won't take us shopping any more!

Anonymous said...

I understand completely. Now try it with three! :)