Friday, August 10

D is for.....Daddy

And this is my dad. As you can see he is getting properly attired to do some wasp killing! Don't you know that blue vintage aprons around your head is the wasp killing fashion? For real he didn't want to get stung on the face or neck. Seriously, we had a nest of wasp just outside the back door and unfortunately we did not realize it until Josh was standing at the back door and got stung. Thankfully, grandma was right there with him because there was a huge swarm of wasp and she yanked Josh inside fast enough that only one wasp got him. Michael ran faster than the wasp could fly and escaped unharmed. Last summer he got stung about four times.
As a little girl, I thought my dad could do anything, if it was broke Daddy could fix it and if I wanted something chances are I probably got it. Now Michael has grown to have the same affection for his papa. After the wasp incident he told grandma that papa had to come kill the wasp nest because he was so brave and strong and didn't even cry when he cut or burned his arm (casualties of working in a junk pile). So papa came today armed with a can of wasp spray and a blue apron and dutifully killed the wasp. Thanks, papa!

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Anonymous said...

The apron on the head look is the latest fashion accessory, didn't you know that? :o) I'm glad the wasps only got Josh once and didn't get Michael at all. Daddy can do anything, like Wooperman! :o)