Wednesday, August 15

E is for .....excitement!

and there was alot of that happening at this house this morning! Today is the first day of school. Yesterday we went to check out the classroom and meet the teacher. Michael was very excited to see some of his friends! This morning he bounded out of bed at 7 am, got dressed completely(even socks and shoes) and jumped around the house asking "is it time to go yet" for the next hour and half. Too much excitement!
We're looking forward to a great school year!


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO! Welcome to third grade! Can't believe he's in third grade already!! I'm glad he's excited and ready to get back in the groove. Let's see how excited he is come homework time! :o) This alphabet thing you have going on is interesting! Happy school year.

Anonymous said...

How funny. It reminds me of my first day at Markoma. I was dressed and ready with hair curled at six oclock in the morning! My room mate woke up and thought she'd overslept. She thought I was craaaazy! Esther