Sunday, August 5

Josh currently has a pretend friend, well a pretend pet. You will never guess what kind of pet this is either. I'll give you a hint, he's green, can be sweet or you give up? Yes, it's a pet pickle! He's so enthusiastically showing me where pet pickle is in this picture.
Pet pickle shows up in some of the oddest times, like while walking into church this morning. Just a little while ago pet pickle called Josh on the phone to let him know he was on his way home. I don't even know how it started I just remember him talking to his pet pickle. Now we all play along occasionally asking "Hey Josh, where's your pet pickle?" Makes life more interesting.


Anonymous said...

Don't you see Pickle in that picture? I do. He's RIGHT THERE! :o) Three is such a fun age! When TJ was three, he wouldn't behave one night and go to sleep. He was crazy about Ghostbusters at the time, so I made the phone ring and talked to the Ghostbusters about TJ not wanting to go to bed. He was out in about 5 minutes after the "phone call." :o)

Anonymous said...

When I was little I pretended I was queen and that I owned all the pickles in the world. People came from far and near to beg pickles!

Jen said...

Too Cute! Today, Josh had to ask pet pickle if it was okay to give me a piece of candy.