Monday, October 9

Yep, that's me..

in 1989 or 90? And that's my best friend from high school, Esther. The reason I post this is because even though I hadn't been in touch with Esther for a very long time, more than 12 years, we recently got back in touch with each other via I still can't believe it! I joined classmates to get back in touch with some friends from college and never really expected to hear from people in high school. Especially the private christian boarding school we attended, the entire student body totaled maybe 65 to 70 students. I think I had 16 classmates? Wow!
Esther was my best friend in school. She was probably the reason I stayed at school my junior year. I really wanted to go back home and go to public school. I had a really hard time with roommates that year. I shared a room with a Japanese girl who knew very little english, another freshman who stole things from me and wet the bed, and another girl who had really bad b.o. Esther was always willing to listen to my roommate problems. Thank you so much!
So I just want to thank her for being such a great friend. I have lots of great memories with her as my friend and I am so thankful that God has brought her back into my life.
(I hope I didn't embarrass you with the picture, Esther. I have lots of others but thought this one showed us the best!)


Anonymous said...

That's a great picture of both of you!! :o) I'm so happy for you and hope that you two can keep in touch now!! :o) Love ya, Sis

Anonymous said...

Boy, you really know how to make a person feel OLD! It doesn't seem like that long ago that Mom or me would take you back after spending the weekend or holidays at home. That was quite a fun experience and I'm glad you got reconnected with someone from there. I never even knew all of your trials with roommates. TTFN