Wednesday, October 11

My little clown!

My kids love to dress up for halloween, and really any day they can wear a costume. My mom also loves halloween, I remember many school parties and other functions where she dressed in costume. Just a few years ago she dressed as a clown for Steph's birthday! So yesterday we got a package in the mail full of costumes. Needless to say that was the highlight of our day. Here is just one of the many costumes!


Lisa said...

A package full of costumes! What great fun!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to mom to send a box of costumes!! The picture of mom wearing a clown costume and daddy wearing a clown wig with mom on his lap is on my desk! People get a kick out of it and then say "I don't have to ask where you came from!" :o) I just don't know what they mean by that?! Your kiddos both came by their love for dressing up naturally, huh? I think mom always liked Halloween better than Christmas when we were growing up because she had a good excuse to dress up herself! She also loved to dress up at camp and anywhere else she could find a reason. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of mom dressing up, as I know she'll find another excuse as soon as she can! :o) This picture is adorable, by the way! Love ya, Sis!