Thursday, October 12

He read himself to sleep

This is how I found Josh tonight. I had gone into the kitchen to get some noodles out of the microwave and he had just laid down on the floor, I come back and he was sound asleep!

I have to brag a little on Michael. He has a spelling test every Friday with about 13 regular words plus 2 bonus words. Every test so far this year he has made 102% with the exception of one test he made 101% (he spelled "were" and the word was "where"). He is an awesome speller and reader! He spells with such ease that I decided to do an Internet search for third grade spelling words and challenge him. He breezed through most of those words without a problem!


Anonymous said...

How in the world did he end up with a book on his head?? Sounds like Michael is carrying on the family tradition. I hope if he gets in the regional spelling bee someday he won't croak in the first rounds. What PRESSURE! After Daniel went out in the first round last year Nik went to the bathroom and walked in on a major bawlfest. She was so able to relate when she told them about her going out in the first round and it made some of them feel better. Gotta go to work. TTFN

Anonymous said...

Josh looks like I do some nights! I thought only OLD people like me did that! :o) That is a priceless picture! I guess the poor baby was TIRED!
Sounds like Michael is certainly carrying on the family tradition of spelling well, like his grandmother, mother, cousin, etc... Wow, how did we all get to be so SMART! :o) Love ya, Sis