Tuesday, October 14

When a busy week, goes bad.....

Last week was going to be hard under normal circumstances, but when you throw in an electrical fire and no electricity it gets even worse. I am thanking God that the fire stopped when it did. The fire inspector said we were really blessed because if it had burned through the overhang the house would have been gone in a matter of minutes.
We finally have electricity again after a week without and I feel like we can get back to normal. Michael is feeling much better, but Josh has been sick. Barry's truck is out of the shop and God willing will not shut down again. Fall Break is here and we have no soccer this week. I'm looking forward to a very calm, uneventful week + weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I think I've seen enough burnt, melted siding to last me the rest of my life! Thank God it wasn't worse. I couldn't lose anybody else or anything else to the fire demons!