Sunday, October 5

If you can, send us some happy thoughts, prayers, good vibrations this week. Numerous things are bringing us down. Michael is sick, losing his voice and I think it may be strep throat. Barry's truck is not working, it's been a problem since he bought it and we're not sure what the solution is. That leaves us with only one car and since he has to drive to tulsa for work, it leaves me to find other options. I'll be driving my mom's truck when I can but it will be lots of schedule juggling. On top of that it's an extremely busy week with field trips, pto meetings, soccer games, practices, volunteer meeting, school, church and work. I'm trying to not have an anxiety attack just thinking about it all and just go with the flow. So you probably won't hear from us much this coming week, the week after is fall break from school and I think we will need it.


Anonymous said...

Will definitely keep you all in my prayers, Jen!


Anonymous said...

Life is just so much fun sometimes, isn't it!? :o) I'll keep you in my thoughts.