Tuesday, July 22

It's too hot.

Arm pit stinkin, brow sweatin', pig snortin' H.O.T. I haven't taken a picture in days, so here's a picture from our mini camping trip earlier in the month.
--July's been a busy month (where did the summer go?). Josh has basketball camp for two days this week. I can't wait to see that! He's been running around the house doing "exercises" to get ready for b-ball camp. Also trying to get his preschool registration done this week.
--Michael is ready for school to start, he says he's bored at home. That will last about three days once school starts, he'll be wishing he's at home. He's going to spend the next three weeks catching up and reviewing the basics.
--Both boys are signed up for Fall soccer. That should be fun! I'm almost looking forward to school starting but it means even more activities start and I'll have two school schedules, and two sports schedules to try and keep up with along with church activities. I better get organized now.
--I will miss these lazy summer mornings where I don't even begin to think about anything productive before 10 am. We've been sleeping in and taking it easy, but when school starts we have to be out the door by 8:40. Yikes!

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Back to reality! :o)