Monday, June 2

Pony Rides

Yep, if you can't tell that's my guys on a horse. We went to a street party this weekend that advertised pony rides. My thought of a pony is a small horse not much taller than an average 7 yr old, not the case here. These were in fact horses. Josh had been talking for days about riding a pony, his first pony ride ever, lots of questions, do they run or walk? what do horses eat? what color will it be? on and on. Thank goodness for daddys, because when we saw that it was a huge horse, fear fell over me, the thought of me having to get on that horse and ride with Josh was just not an option. And Josh was determined to ride, size of the horse was not an obstacle. They did the one circle around and Josh proudly hopped off having accomplished a pony ride!

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Anonymous said...

Next time Aunt Steph will have to ride, too! I'm glad he enjoyed it and that his daddy wasn't afraid of the "pony." :o)