Monday, June 2

lots of misc.

*****Josh says, while playing question & answer game with Dad. "Daddy, answer me some more questions", meaning ask me some more questions.
***June is oh, so busy. Library programs, VBS, garage sale, SunFest, Basketball camp, zoo trip, Josh's story time, Father's day, church camp, Ok mozart festival, Barry working out of town, birthdays and that's just the first couple of weeks.
****I forgot to mention that Josh graduated from Speech Therapy, that's a huge success! and relief since he went twice a week that's one less thing on our calendar for summer. His speech has improved so much, now we just have to reinforce everything at home.
*****Can't think of anything else at the moment and Josh is begging to plant his flower seed.

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Anonymous said...

That's why they're called the "dog days of summer!" ;o) Life at full speed! Enjoy it and savor it with all your heart.