Sunday, October 28

I'm back, still totally unorganized!

*This picture was last week at the local "kiddie park" Spookarama! The same little amusement park that is open all summer long, but during Spookarama everybody, every last person w/children in town comes to ride the same rides while wearing Halloween costumes! We waited in line about 30 minutes to ride one ride, crazy! We gave our tickets away and went home. Yeah, I'm so much fun! I don't do well with large crowds of sceaming kids and unhappy parents.

*This weekend we went to Fall Fun Fest to do some early trick or treating and play games! We also stopped by K-mart and entered a contest for the kids in costumes, prize being a $10 gift card. Miss Fair maiden Katy happened to win the gift card! Yea!

*Michael got his report card with 80% in Math and 80% in Language Arts. Let me just say that report cards aren't like they were when I was in school. I need a study guide just to read and understand the two pages of report card and he is just now getting a letter grade in only two subjects, the other subjects are "Secure or Developing". Anyway, I'm okay with the B's but 80% is borderline to C's. His teacher let me know that the mistakes he is making are silly, not reading and following all the written directions. He rushes through and makes sloppy mistakes and his handwriting, Oh my goodness, it's the worst in the class. I know he can do better with writing if he slows down, I've seen him do better, but how do you make him understand that? It's been the same issues since kindergarten. I'm looking for some handwriting exercises to help strengthen his hand muscles and maybe the writing will improve.
**Josh loves girls, he will tell it like it is and let you know that he has not one, but two girl friends. Last week he gathered acorns in his pocket and very sweetly shared some with his girl friend Allie at church. The other girlfriend is a girl from Michael's class that played with Josh at the birthday party.
Now that I've gone on and on. I have new pictures over at Facebook. The pics upload so much faster and I can organize them in albums, etc for free.
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Anonymous said...

I think Michael gets his handwriting issues from me! :o) I got rapped on the knuckles quite a few times by Mrs. Staggs because of the way I held my pencil. PTSD!! I still have awful handwriting, even though I tried very hard to improve it. I guess I got just about as much handwriting talent as I did art talent! :o) Boys like to hurry, they have better things to do than follow instructions. :o) You are going to have to watch out for Josh. He's the charmer and the fearless one. Quite a combination he has going there! :o) I foresee motorcycles, parachutes and a few broken hearts in his future. :o) Congrats to Katy for winning the $10.00! Woo Hoo!