Thursday, October 25

Bleh, Blah,

It's just a mood I'm in. Life is coming and going so fast (It's november next week!). I'm feeling so unorganized and not ready for the holidays. Not to mention, Barry is starting a second job which means he will be working or sleeping with not much time to spare, the car is going in the shop tomorrow and I'm having back pain (lifted too many boxes of books at work). I need to take a break, clear my head and get a plan of action. So I'll be back in a few days, maybe a week.


Anonymous said...

Get used to it! Life is in FAST MOTION for a while so hang on and try to remember the ride!! :o) At least you aren't packing to move cross country AND getting ready for the holidays this year. :o) Life is what happens in the middle of our plans, huh?

Anonymous said...

Will remember you in my prayers, Jen! You have gone through a lot of changes this past year and the Holidays can be difficult. Just remember that as long as your precious little family is healthy, You have everything that's really important. Will be praying that Barry will get a wonderful job that will let you have more time together too......... Nik's Mom