Friday, October 5

I can't believe it's been a week already. Really, I want to post more often, but it seems I spend more time reading blogs than taking care of my own.************

Baseball is almost over, two more games and I will be really happy when it's done. It seems we got on a team with a few really rowdy boys. Last night in the dugout there was some fighting, punching, etc. and as Michael said "a lot of BAD words". I'm not helping in the dugout, but Barry is and he finally had enough of it and told the boys and their parents what went on. *************

Now it is 8 am and I've sat here in my pajamas reading blogs for too long! Later!

PS. The horse has been more appropriately clothed! We picked a nice outfit from the baby dept. at Goodwill. (only my sister will understand) Now he's part of the Village people only part of the day!

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Anonymous said...

I rather liked the Village People look! :o) Those skinny jeans were AWESOME! Pair that with the High School Musical 2 shirt and that horse was stylin'! ;o) Sounds like I need to come do dugout duty for a game or two. :o)