Friday, September 28

It's beginning to feel like Fall

Not because of the weather, still a unbelievable 88 degrees today! But by the beginning of my favorite time of year! The pumpkins, the apples, the colorful leaves and the cool breeze with a warm sun! Oh the possibilities!
Fall seems to delight my senses with the wonderful warm colors, the crisp textures and the sweet aroma of the season.
I start to carry my camera around with me everywhere. Because I just can't pass up pictures like this!*************************************
The kids and I (okay, probably me more than them) eagerly anticipate the arrival of Halloween costumes and decoration at each store. I bug each child about his costume desires until we come up with the perfect solution. Last week, Josh wanted to be a pirate, but this week he wants to be the "wrapped up guy" or mummy. Michael is not one to decide very quickly, he will throw around several ideas until the very last possible minute and finally pick one!
The crafter/artist in me is giddy with anticipation and joy in the projects I have in mind. The realistic, over scheduled parent in me realizes I must organize and prioritize! I just looked at the calendar yesterday and realized almost every weekend until November we have something going on! Before I know it, it will be Christmas! So that is why I am starting my Christmas cards TODAY!

Enjoy the season!

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Anonymous said...

I know part of your fascination with Halloween comes from your mother! :o) I'm pretty impressed that you are already starting your Christmas cards. I would laugh if you sent them out before Thanksgiving! :o) Have fun with that. I'm still a few years behind! :o)