Tuesday, March 27


We are back in business! Barry has a new job that he starts tomorrow. That is a huge relief! I am off to work today, more training. I think this job will be fun
Michael is back to school till 4pm this week and next, they are making up a snow day.
Baseball practice also starts this week.
Josh went to MOPS yesterday and there were no tears when I dropped him off! He was so excited about the Easter Egg hunt they were going to have. He carried his train basket with him and immediately started showing it off to everyone. Nice distraction.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he should have something to take every time so that he can be excited and show it off to his friends. :o) Hopefully it won't rain too much to have practice on a regular basis. What a wierd Winter and Spring. WOO HOO for a job! :o) (Actually for TWO JOBS!) That's kind of neat that they are making up the snow days by going a little longer instead of tagging it on to the end of the school year. Have a GREAT DAY!