Wednesday, March 28

Extremity Laceration

or a really, really bad scraped knee. We spent our first evening in the emergency room last night trying to decide if Michael needed some stitches. The thing we forgot about emergency rooms is that you wait and wait and wait. And then wait some more. It took about 3 hours before we saw the doctor who said the cut probably didn't need stitches and just glued it shut. We got home around 11:30 pm and I told Michael he could just sleep in and go to school a little late. Guess what time he got up? 7 am!! I told him he should be back in bed snoozing, because that's really where I wanted to be. I even offered to let him stay home. His reply, "No way, Mom, I might miss something cool at school".
Oh yeah, How did he get cut? He was walking with Barry, Katy and the dog when the dog walked in front of him and Michael fell over the leash. They were on the walking path at the park.
I wanted to document the event in pictures but my husband felt that might be a little crazy?!? So no pictures, no stitches, and no sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Note to self, buy some Nu Skin and glue these things yourself. :o) Much less drama, much less expensive. :o)