Thursday, February 22

Random Thoughts....

*Picture is Josh waiting in the car to pick Michael up at school
*Michael is starting multiplication and division in 2nd grade??! I don't remember doing that in second grade. I do remember doing timed multiplication flash cards in 3rd grade and being so nervous that I wouldn't make the time.
*Josh calls helicopters "happycopters", if he gets a little hurt, he will say that "it only tickles", not sure why?
*The weather has been very, very nice. I'm really thankful for the beautiful weather. Added benefit, the boys are falling asleep earlier because of all the time outside, and Josh is sleeping through the night.
*I'm making myself spend less time on the computer and more time doing other stuff, like laundry, dishes, picking up toys and yeah being outside! But that only means I will be taking more pictures to show.
*We are working on potty training Josh and have made some small improvements. I am reading a book about potty training in one day with a "potty party"? It has some good ideas such as having the child "potty train" a doll and then the child will want to follow. But it has repeatedly said if you do not follow these steps exactly this method will not work.
*I really need to go shower before I take Michael to school, who by the way would rather be called Mike at school.


Anonymous said...

I think I like Josh's word for helicopters! Happycopters! It brings a whole different light to what I think of when I think of helicopters. I think of war and people being so sick they have to go to the hospital by Life Flight. I think I'll still call those helicopters, but I'll call the fun little ones like mom and I rode in at Crazy Horse and ones that take people on sight seeing tours happycopters! Those things make people happy and bring fun memories!! Happycopters. I like that! :o) I remember the only time I cheated in school was in the third grade when we did the timed multiplication tables. I had such a hard time thinking and processing the times tables and I couldn't do it fast. We had a record that gave out different factors every three seconds and we had to write the correct number on our papers and be ready for the next problem within three seconds. I just COULDN'T do it that fast. I wrote all the multiplication tables on a piece of paper and hid it in my desk so I could look at it during the test. You can imagine how that turned out, as I'm not very good at being sneaky, especially FAST. I think the teacher caught on about the second or third problem! :o) I had to write a paper on cheating and tell my mother and write an apology letter to the class. I didn't think cheating was such a good idea after all that! I DO know my times tables, however. :o) SPRING is coming!! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!! I can't wait until it's light and warm long enough for me to be able to enjoy some outside time after work!!! I'm glad the kids and you are able to get out more. I'd just let Josh keep making little steps on his own with the potty training before I tried any drastic measures. He's his own person and he is showing he is getting ready. With a little help, things will fall into place on their own. I'd be a little afraid that if I made too big a deal out of things he would go backwards. :o) Just my random thoughts. I have potty trained a few kiddos and some are MUCH harder than others, as you know! :o) It sounds like "Mike" is growing up right before our eyes. :o( Just sharing some random responses to your random thoughts! :o) Have a GREAT DAY!

Anonymous said...

Just don't sweat the potty training stuff. He will be going at least before the summer is over. Daniel & Katy were both about 3 1/2. It does get frustrating cleaning up pee and poop mess all the time but someday you'll look back and wonder where the time went and you can't even remember them in diapers. Just some ramblings of a middle-age guy who still has one more to go. I just want to enjoy the time I have while he's a baby because they sure do grow up FAST!
Your Neighbor (Who happens to be your brother)