Sunday, August 20

Worst Mother of the year award goes to......

ME! I feel so horrible about what I did today. I took Michael and Josh with me to the flower and craft warehouse, I was getting the stroller out of the trunk and watching Josh climb in as I reached up to close the trunk without paying attention to Michael (who was leaning up against the car )and slam! the trunk came right down on his shoulder. I felt soooo horrible! He is okay, just a scratch on his shoulder and a new stuffed bear friend (plus sweater for the bear, bag for the bear, etc) to make it feel all better. Of course, Josh had to have a bear friend as well.

This is the baker's rack I scored off Totally free!
This is joshua's bear that he got today, Michael forgot his bear at the neighbor's house. :O)

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Anonymous said...

Boy, was that an expensive trunk incident! I hope he never breaks any bones!! :o) Josh's bear is ADORABLE!! I LOVE the baker's rack!! FREECYCLE ROCKS! :o) Love ya, Sis