Monday, August 21

Blast from the Past!

I have this sudden burst of creative blogging, so I'm calling this Flashback week. I'm going to be posting pictures from the past, it could be anybody so get ready to laugh!
This is me and Steph, year ??, where photo booth?

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Anonymous said...

We were at Granny's house and we went to Curt's Mall, which was actually a big deal then. Malls were just being built and it was something special to go, especially for those of us who lived in the middle of nowhere on a farm! :o) The year was either 1979 or 1980. I know we had a blast taking these pictures and Granny thought it was FUN! Too bad she wouldn't get in the booth, too! :o) Gee, thanks for the BLAST! Now I want to schedule some plastic surgery. :o) Love ya, Sis