Sunday, August 27

No pictures today...

because Josh is sick. Poor little guy woke up last night about 10:30 with very bad stomach cramps. He cried and cried, wouldn't let anybody touch his belly, and finally threw up after about 20 minutes and went back to sleep. When I laid him back in his bed, he said in a sleepy little voice, "mom, it no hurt" and he fell right to sleep. This morning I thought he would be fine because he got up and ate, but it wasn't long until the belly pain started again, so he has thrown up twice today and is now laying on the couch watching a movie. Nobody else is sick as of yet, but I'm sure this bug will make it's way through us all.

On the other hand, Michael starts school tomorrow. He went to a birthday party Saturday and got to see a few of his friends. Right now he is very excited for his upcoming birthday (55 days away) he has been making a list of things he wants for his birthday and making some birthday party plans. Yikes!
I will post some pictures tomorrow after he is off to school.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Josh! I hope he is feeling better today! :o) Give him a hug from his Aunt Stephie! Love ya, Sis