Sunday, August 27

Michaels first day of kindergarten August 2004

It's is soooo hard to believe that this was two years ago. I remember the day very clearly, his excitement, my nervousness. He waited all morning and kept asking what time is it? is it time to go yet? We were at the bus stop very early. I tried to video tape the walk down the street as I held in my tears. I took some pictures as he got on the bus and then cried all the way home. My little baby! Now it's not quite as hard to let him go. He is growing up to be a smart, kind, and responsible boy. I am very proud.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, I can't wait to see you at his high school graduation! :o) We'd better have a LOT of Kleenex!! It IS hard to believe he is going into the second grade! You'd better get Josh in preschool so that you can prepare BOTH of you for him going to Kindergarten! :o) Love ya, SIS