Thursday, June 1

Happy 15th Anniversary!

Today is also my brother and sister-in-law's 15th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary ya'll! I'm sure you won't be doing to much celebrating, since you are waiting on the baby to get here! Good luck and I hope he decides to come early!


Anonymous said...

Happy 10 Sis,
Yes you're right. We had an exciting evening eating Chinese with the kids and watching the national spelling bee on TV. I think we've been married too long. No, not really. Just waiting on Wesley to get here. Hope you guys have a good night out.

Anonymous said...

I have three things to remember on the same day. Curtis' birthday, my sister's anniversary and my brother's anniversary! Boy, you all could have spread it out a little! :o) Happy day and love to all! Sis

Anonymous said...

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