Monday, May 8

Burnt toast

My kitchen still smells of burnt toast. Yesterday the boys wanted toast with the Pooh and Tigger toaster that grandma gave them for Christmas. I pulled it out of the cabinet, washed the crumbs off, put in two pieces of bread and went down stairs to put a load of laundry in. I assumed the toast would pop up when it was done and sing the song that the boys love to hear. Well to my surprise, I came up stairs to a smoke filled kitchen. I am shocked that the smoke alarm did not go off (note to self, change batteries in smoke alarm). I opened all the windows and doors and got a fan to blow all the smoke out. We went out to the back yard and I could see smoke oozing out of the house. Guess, I will be getting a new toaster.


Anonymous said...

Note to self-Never leave the toaster unattended! :o) I'm glad it only smoked up the kitchen and didn't catch on fire. WHEW!! :o) I guess Pooh won't be singing at your house anymore! :o) Love ya, Sis

Anonymous said...

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