Saturday, August 10

shut up and do something

Well, I have spent most of my night on Pinterest.  I have a love/hate affair with Pinterest.  I love, love, L.O.V.E. all the visual inspiration.   My right brain just devours all the pictures, etc. and I dream BIG about all the projects I will create, food I will bake and gardens I will plant!  Lol! But then reality sets in and I realize I have just wasted 13.4 hours (no kidding) of precious time sitting looking at the pictures when I could have been Making, creating and baking.  i heard a quote recently that said "shut up and do something".  I like that, too many times, I can talk, complain, plan, create and dream but if I don't shut up and do something about it what good are my words. 
Love this sweet set of owls!


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