Sunday, October 26

Busy, Busy, Busy


It's been another extremely busy week. Camping trip, soccer games, parent/teacher conferences, birthdays and more. Life. But today is all about one fantastic boy, my Mikey. I swore before he was born that I would call him nothing but Michael, but that didn't happen. Today we are celebrating his birthday, 10 years. Wow, I'm feeling old! He is really a great kid, this morning at church someone talked about how helpful he was in children's church, helping with the smaller kids. His teacher commented that she never has to get on him at school. What more could a mom ask for? Straight A's, he's got them. I am so proud of him, for being a kind, helpful, fun loving, game playing, Lego building, 80's music loving, kid! Happy Birthday Mikey!

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