Saturday, September 27


We are up to our ears with soccer these days. Michael is doing very well, he has scored three goals already compared to zero last season. Josh is super fast and hasn't scored a goal yet, but I'm sure that will change today. His games are late in the afternoon around 3 to 4 pm and for some four year olds that is prime melt down time. Last week half his team was crying and leaving the field during the game. Josh ended up playing the entire time.
It's been a juggling act to get both boys to practices and games each week. But also a lot of fun!

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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine why they have the games for those little bitties scheduled for so late. Poor things! :o( At least it's giving Josh some good field time. LOL! :o) You go, Michael!!! WOO HOO!! Three goals already. AWESOME! :o) Keep trying, Josh, you will make one soon. Send me some pics if you ever print any. :o)