Monday, September 8

Oh man, As I sit here, letting this lotion burn the hair off my upper lip and chin, I've been thinking back over the weekend. It was weird. I started out in the mindset, Oh I've got so much to do over the weekend, soccer games, church, financial class, etc, etc. and it didn't turn out anything like that. Soccer games were canceled, it rained, we skipped church, (shame on us) and we ended up with a cat? How the heck did that happen? anyhoo, it's a very busy week for us, I have to set halloween cards at all my accounts, the usual school and soccer practice and Awanas along with getting ready for some out of town visitors. Barry's parents are stopping by to see us during their trip to colorado. It's hard to believe the kids and I haven't seen them since we moved. It's been almost 2 years. Wow.
And the kitten has already had a name change, from patricia (josh wanted patrick if it was a boy so we went w/patricia) to Hannah (or hannah montanna as josh calls her). It's much easier to call a kitten hannah than patricia, it just didn't work.
Now I feel my lip tingling.

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Anonymous said...

That was, indeed, a random blog! :o) Love the picture. :o)