Wednesday, August 13

First day of fourth grade

I can't believe he is already in fourth grade. The first picture is the first day of kindergarten. He was so excited and ready for school this morning, I know his picture doesn't show that, but he is almost ten and most of the time is showing off how "cool" he is. I just hope he is still excited after the day is over. I was a little discouraged after the open house yesterday and finding out some of the kids in his class. There are a few kids (and parents) that I wish he (+me) didn't have in class. But we shall make due, and go on. I hope this is a great year for him, Lord knows I have said many prayers for him today!

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Anonymous said...

It certainly doesn't seem like so long ago when he started Kindergarten! :o( He's growing up too fast. MAKE IT STOP!!! :o)