Monday, August 25


We went to the fair this weekend. It is a small town fair, Barry kept asking is this it? Yes, dear, this is what a fair is in small town, USA. Josh and I spent most of the time in the Childrens Barn, looking at all the baby animals. His favorite, the miniature pony, not much bigger than a dog. The kids got to pet a rabbit and a baby chick.

We are now in school mode, early bedtime, I still have to wake Josh up some mornings. Josh has grown leaps and bounds in independence, just this week, he has completely dressed himself, every day, with no help from mom at all. I know we probably should have already reached this milestone of dressing, but really I'm in no rush.
I think school is going to be so good for Josh, I was concerned about putting him in a class with 3 & 4's together, thinking he might get bored academically, but socially I think it's just what he needs. Big relief!

Today, I'm enjoying my first day at home with both boys in school. It's very quiet in the house. I usually work while they're both in school but the repair guy came to fix the dryer today. Seems the birds thought the vent was a good place to build a nest.

Hope ya'll have a blessed week.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You don't have any babies anymore! :o) I am so thankful that Josh decided to go to school and like it. Seeing your two healthy kiddos makes me happy. Amber's friend Christina found out two weeks ago that her son has Cystic Fibrosis. He just turned eight weeks old. Thankfully the prognosis is much better than it would have been a few years ago, but it is still very hard to swallow. Amber's boyfriend also found out while we were in the Keys that his fourteen year old nephew has lukemia. He started chemo a couple of weeks ago. Say some prayers for both of those boys and say an extra thankful prayer for your two healthy, too smart for their own good, lovable kiddos! Love you, Sis