Tuesday, June 10

Total Opposites

The boys are total opposites when it comes to sleep, Michael is much like his dad, going to bed early and getting up with a smile on his face at the crack of dawn. As much as I encourage laying in bed and possibly going back to sleep, he pops out of bed first thing in the morning. Josh on the other hand is total opposite, he is much more like me, sleeps in late, likes to lay in bed and will stay up late as he can if allowed. All that said, this morning, Josh hollered at me to come lay down with him when he woke up, I obliged, who can resist. Sometimes we just lay and snuggle, other times we talk and today he talked. He let me know he had grandparents named "CiCi and Burger Miller", "isn't that funny" he asked. Then our talk drifted to Nachos. Eating nachos, smearing nachos all over our face and daddy's face. I finally had to get up, I was getting hungry. This boy keeps us all rolling with laughter! ***Picture is Josh waiting in line to play a game at Sunfest

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Anonymous said...

That paragraph made me hungry for pizza (CiCi's), boca burgers and anything with gooey cheese dip! THANKS A LOT! lol. :o)