Monday, June 16

And they're off!

to church camp. This is how they looked this morning on the bus. I'm wondering what he'll look like after 4 long days at camp. I'm sure he was a little nervous because there was no goodbye or see ya later, he jumped on that bus and totally avoided any potentially emotional goodbyes with me and josh. Forecast for the week...RAIN, Oh well, at least that's better than sunburn and heat exhaustion.


Anonymous said...

Is he still at camp? LOL! Just checking! :o) At least Katy and uncle Stanley are with him, too. I hope they have lots of fun! :o)

Anonymous said...

Yea, we made it. It rained at least some every day. Not a bad camp experience for my first one in 46 years. Mike & Katy did just fine. Everyone had fun, just a little wet. I think next year though I'm going on a long vacation if gas prices come down, if not I may go again next year. I'm just a glutton for punishment I guess!!!!LOL