Tuesday, May 27

4 1/2 is a little tricky

Oh, this boy. He has been a handful from the very begining, not sleeping through the night, loads of attachment to only me, unbelievable picky eater, and, well, a little spoiled by mom because he's my baby. But recently he's developed a little "tricky" side, for example, he is climbing our small trees in the yard while I'm watching, he tells me, "Mom, don't watch this okay, you don't want to watch" while he begins jumping out of the tree. He's doing this with everything he know's he might get in trouble for! Last night, I watched as he spilled a bag of crackers, I asked him to pick them up, instead he covers the crackers up with a paper to hide them and says "All better". He will also very easily blame Michael for anything, Josh wrote on his hands with marker while Michael was in school and blamed Michael. It is somewhat humorous right now, but I can only imagine if he continues this behavior. I've got my hands full!

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Anonymous said...

You're the mommy! Fun times! :o)