Tuesday, February 26


A picture of the boys together and it's outside! We've had a few nice days off and on. Spring is taking it's good ole sweet time to peak it's head out. The Wilson shirts are from school. Josh has not taken his off now for two days. He put it on right after school yesterday and refuses to take it off. He says "michael bought it for me". Josh has started to really show his admiration for his big brother. It's a great thing to watch. He really enjoys playing with his big brother, in fact, he's cried a few mornings when we have to drop michael off at school (only a couple).
On another note, Saturday is our last basketball game and first soccer game. It's going to be a very busy weekend. I'll try to post some pictures of basketball soon.

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Anonymous said...

The boys look too cute in their matching shirts! :o) Nice to see the smiles. Give them a hug for me! See you this weekend.