Wednesday, January 2

Ringing in the new year!

Celebrating we did not. I think I fell asleep, oh right about 9:30 pm!
Yes, I woke up by chance around 10:55 pm just in time to see the ball drop (in eastern time) on tv and straight to bed I went. Michael spent the night with his cousin and Josh and Barry didn't even consider staying up. We didn't eat Black Eyed Peas on New Years Day, but I feel like this year is going to be a good one!


Anonymous said...

We went to bed at 11:30, but didn't fall asleep until after midnight. It was actually quite a bit after midnight because of all the noisy fireworks. I thought Michael was asleep when we went to bed, but Katy told me they had a contest to see who could stay up the longest. Katy said she knew she won at 11:45 when someone turned on the bathroom light and she could see his eyes. Katy fell asleep after midnight because she heard the fireworks, too. You should never have a staying up late contest with my kids. They win every time!!!!

Anonymous said...

We stayed up until the ball dropped in New York, then we were all in bed. In my neighborhood, you sometimes don't know if you're hearing gunshots or firecrackers, but I am assuming since I didn't see any police tape on New Year's Day, I heard fireworks! :o) HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I remember one night Joanie and I stayed up FOREVER waiting for the Sandman to come fill our eyes with sleep sand! :o) Needless to say, neither one of us saw him, but we had sleep in our eyes the next day!