Wednesday, January 16

little bits of randomness

...time is moving very slow today, don't know why...Josh and I spent the morning browsin' the aisles of Wal-mart, I know, loads of fun, but we found the best markers in the world. They are from crayola and they come with a flip top lid. This means the cap stays attached to the marker and therefore eliminates forever, the "lost marker cap" disease. However, it doesn't eleminate the "don't remember to put the cap on" disease that my children suffer from....Barry's birthday was yesterday and we did absolutely nothing, I did bring home a musical card from work but the boys got ahold of it and I didn't even get a chance to sign it. Maybe friday evening we can go out to eat and have a little more of a celebration...Barry will probably have to go back to West Virginia to work again next week, leaving sunday and coming back when the job is done....
Josh can now manipulate the computer mouse on his own and click on everything necessary to play games over at He isn't fast enough on most games to earn a lot of $$, so I stay up late at night playing games for him, it's a sacrifice I must make!.....this is too much randomness.....I'm boring myself to death!

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Anonymous said...

Try sitting in the lounge a the courthouse for four hours waiting for a five minute court hearing! Talk about BORING!!
:o) Those markers look pretty cool!