Monday, January 14

It was a busy weekend. Michael had his first basketball game, lots of fun! He scored 2 points! I think basketball is more his sport than baseball, he did so good during the game. I also tried to keep the boys busy in order to not miss their daddy so much. We went to see the Bee Movie. Why does it cost more for the popcorn and drinks than it does to get into the movie?
We also had the usual basketball practice and Awanas. Barry made it home on Sunday am early, drove all night from NC. And the boys had a great day wrestling around with dad, something I just don't do. We also went to see the Veggie Tales movie Pirates who don't do anything.
Two movies and a basketball game in one weekend, that's a lot for us. I also took a few days off from cooking because when one child only wants PBJ's to eat and the other doesn't like most of the stuff I fix anymore, why bother? Now it's back to the everyday, more school, work and life.

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