Tuesday, November 20

I am loving this weather!!!

Oh, I can't believe how beautiful it is today. It's about 75 degrees right now, Michael wore shorts and a t-shirt to school! I have all the windows open and the door even propped open (no mosquitos this time of year)!

I know it won't last long, Barry said it's suppose to be very cold on Thanksgiving.

It's been busy around here as usual. Last friday was Statehood day for Oklahoma, (100 yrs) Michael's school had a big program with all the grades performing songs, square dancing, etc. It was a lot of fun!
Saturday we met the baseball team and Michael got his medal for playing. Sunday afternoon we had a small family reunion here in town and sunday evening we had the Thanksgiving dinner at church.

Now I have to go enjoy this weather some more, because it won't last!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Sunday was a BUSY, BEAUTIFUL day! :o) Whew! Life is too busy! I don't remember much of Sunday except for heat and noise. ;o) We have an interesting family, to say the least. :o)