Tuesday, November 6

Big, stinky, mean dog!!!

I've been very neglectful and I apologize. I've had time and been on the computer alot, I just haven't posted.

I've been on overprotective mom alert. We had new neighbors move in right across the street and they have a pit bull dog. GRRRR!!!! This makes me very frustrated! Pit bulls (in my opinion) are very dangerous dogs. There has been a child in our town killed by a pit bull and numerous people attacked by this type of dogs. Now there is one right across the street from us and held back by a very poor, not sturdy fence.

I don't let the boys play out in the front yard now unless there is an adult with them. They can play out back in our fenced yard. I've considered moving, but the thought of moving again stresses me out!

At least it's getting colder and the boys won't be outside all that much anyway.

Now that I'm angry I need to go clean!


Anonymous said...

Think I'd be calling the city to come out and inspect the fence and perhaps even check to see if the dog has a tag.

There must be something that can be done.

Anonymous said...

Big Ugly Stinky Dog! Have you talked to the neighbors about the dog to see what the story is? Most Pit Bulls are good dogs, they have a tendency to be mean if they are mistreated and bred to be mean. Otherwise they are usually not very aggressive. That's not to say I would EVER leave a child of any size alone with one just because of their tendency to feel threatened by the eye contact a child gives and mistake that for a reason to attack. You are certainly right to be cautious and make sure the kids aren't in a position to be hurt by the dog regardless. :o) You might make the neighbor some welcome cookies and take a stroll over sometime. :o) Maybe Pit Bulls like cookies :o)