Thursday, October 11

Promises, Promises,

See I missed a day of posting already! Darn it! Maybe I'll post twice today. We are going to the ball game in a little while and I have yet to take a picture of Michael. I'm usually watching Josh run all over the place and making numerous trips to the concession stand or the bathroom. ***********************************************

Michaels birthday is coming up very soon and we have finally! planned a birthday party that is not going to be at our house!!!! Every year he always ends up wanting a halloween themed party at home. This year we decided (mainly because our house is way to small) to go to the YMCA and play basketball, games, and spend an hour in their game room. Much easier, no cleaning my house for hours the day before the party, no worries, no stress! **********************************************

This Halloween picture is two years ago*


Anonymous said...

I'm all for parties that take place anywhere besides the house! WOO HOO!! :o) Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Definatly sounds like the way to go! You're such a fun mom. I have yet to actually have a party for one of my kids! I do post pictures of my kids on my facebook. It's kind of what I do instead of a blog. Esther