Tuesday, October 16

Fall Break, yeah right!

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall Break and Michael is out of school for three days. Oh, but a break it will not be! It seems we've got more going on in the next few days than ever! Here's a little breakdown
Wed-am-Josh's speech evaluation (finally), after evaluation, I go to work for 4+ hours, come home and quiz boys on bible verses for Awanas at 6 pm
Thurs-trip to the pumpkin patch and then it's off to grandma's and papa's for a sleepover (I would gladly come back home, but Josh is convinced that I'm sleeping on the chair at grandma's)
Fri-Barry's company is having a picnic for employees and their families (in Tulsa), make cupcakes and goody bags for Michaels party
Sat- Michael's birthday party + clean house for Sunday
Sun- Cookout for my Dad and Michael's birthday
Just thought you might want to see what's going on this weekend, I'll try to post some pictures when I can! Happy Fall, ya'll!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like life at full speed! :o) See you this weekend.