Saturday, September 8

Week in review....

We have had a busy week or at least it seems busy to me. We've had two nights of baseball practices, one night of Awanas for both boys (by the way they both memorized and recited their Bible verses, Josh got his vest with a badge and he looks so cute! I have to get a picture) , one doctors appointment, one birthday party and that's just since Tuesday. I have not even had a chance to pick up my camera this week!

Next week will be even busier with work, Halloween is coming along with Boss's Day and Sweetest Day. Did you know there was a sweetest day? I sure didn't.

Oh and by the way, Happy Grandparents Day (sun). We send out lots of love to Nanny and Papa G.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like life is in full swing! :o) I'm proud of both the boys for memorizing their verses!! I bet Josh does look adorable in his vest. :o) I'm sure that work will start getting busy and will get more and more so as the holiday season kicks into full swing from now until Mother's Day. Get ready for the ride!!! Have a GREAT BUSY week this week coming.