Sunday, August 26

For some reason

boys just need to jump off furniture.
Josh is jumping off the couch and dad is throwing the ball for him to catch. I'm really surprised we haven't had any broken bones yet.

We are back in full swing of school. Michael made it through the first full week of third grade homework without any problems. He will be playing baseball this fall and we are going to AWANAS on wed. nights at church. Josh also has an AWANAS class in which he has to memorize bible verses and recite to the leader. Even though the verses are shortened, I'm a little nervous about how he will do this. Have you ever tried to get a 3 yr old to memorize something and repeat it?
Michael has verses to memorize also, he has 6 verses to memorize by Wed. Yikes! We need to get busy!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's gearing up to be a busy FALL! :o) Welcome back to school!!