Tuesday, July 3

Rock Star in training!

We are putting on our hip waders and getting the boat ready! Or at least that's what I feel like. It has been a wet, soggy month. I feel like I'm going to mildew if the rain doesn't stop soon. There's severe flooding all around the area. For the last three years there has been drought and record dry summers, I move here and we have the wettest summer on record with floods! What's up with that! Anyway, the boys are going to go crazy if they can't get out and spend some dry time outside. The highlight of most days lately is playing in the rain showers. I just looked out the window and it's raining again. We have had rain for the last 22 days.
But life must go on and we are going to the mall to see the new Ratatouille movie (or however you spell it)!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! "I'm a rock star....." No comments about the rain, except to say it can go away for a while!!! :o)