Friday, July 6

No. No. No.

It was not meant to be. I attempted to take the children swimming yesterday afternoon. After loading the car with children full of anticipation we arrive at pool #1 and see it is closed for swimming competitions. We hurry off to pool #2 (not the best pool in town), unload the car of children, towels, and various pool accessories, rush in to pay our dues and cool off. As I pay the young girl she kindly lets us know the "little pool" is closed for the rest of the day because someone vomited in the pool. Yeah! I continue inside trying to not think about vomit in the pool to find out that the other pool sans vomit is a 20ft deep diving pool!!!! Not going to work with a 3 yr old, and two 8 yr olds. Get rain checks because the pool doesn't do refunds, drag everyone and everything back to the car and go home. It just wasn't meant to be.

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Anonymous said...

Can't say you didn't try! :o)