Thursday, July 26

Just a few thoughts

It's that time of year again, summer is slowly fading away, school starts in three stinkin' weeks, and we are exhausted from the long days. This week Michael has been at VBS for three hours in the morning and Basketball camp for three hours in the evening. He is very tired and getting a little on the grumpy side :{ ***Josh is, well, just being Josh. He is the dare devil in the family, jumping off the couch and telling me "no worry mom, I just flyin" riding his tri-cycle down the driveway doing hot rod jumps telling me "you see that? that was cool!" He will be the child who keeps the hospital busy with broken bones and stitches. I'm just waiting for the day. ***

Barry's job keeps him away for a good part of the day so we miss having him around in the evenings. One added benefit will be once school starts he will be able to drop Michael off at school and I won't have to drive to school in my pajamas some days! ****

I'm recovering from my knee injury and I am very thankful for my knees with only minor pain. One day of having a knee/leg in extreme pain and not being able to walk made me realize how blessed I am to have two fully functioning knees/legs. ****

We had Dish Network hooked up yesterday so the boys are vegetables in front of the tv. After only having three channels to watch for seven months, who can blame them, besides I'm up half the night watching the Home and Garden channel. ****
So for the next few weeks we will be cramming in as much summer fun as we can, afternoons at the pool, zoo trips, and well some of us have to work a little! There's also haircuts, school supply shopping, ~shots~ (don't tell Michael) eye glasses to be fixed and new clothes to buy, this boy has grown a foot!

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Anonymous said...

What did you do to your knee? Sounds painful whatever it was. I busted my behind on my trip and it still hurts! Note to self...never cross the foul line at the bowling alley. :o) It's a long story! Sounds like the rest of your summer will be eventful. :o) Hopefully I'll get to get in on a little of it anyways!