Thursday, June 21

What's up!

So much has been going on lately, too much to even talk about, birthdays, new babies, high school reunions, baseball games, work, fun trips and that has just been the last few days. Mom and I took the boys to the Oklahoma aquarium on Tuesday. The boys fed the sting rays in this picture and poor grandma almost lost her finger as she had to retrieve the plastic feeding pole that Josh dropped in the tank. She retrieved the pole and kept her finger thankfully!
We have our tournament baseball game tonight! If we win tonight we will play in the finals on Saturday and then baseball will be over. Amen! I will be so glad for a break from baseball games, but only a short break, sign ups for Fall Baseball are in August.
That's about it for now!

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Anonymous said...

Well, where are the pictures of the reunion? It rates at least ONE picture, I would think. :o) I'm glad mom kept her finger. :o)