Friday, June 1

Happy Anniversary to my "buddy"

Apparently before Barry left for work this morning he came and patted me on the back (I was still very sound asleep) and said Happy Anniversary, and my genuine, sentimental, full of love and appreciation for the last 11 years reply was...."Thanks buddy". That's what you get for talking to me before 7 am. Not very much! But really thanks for the last 11 years and being my "buddy".


Anonymous said...

I was planning on taking you and your "buddy" and Nikki and Stanley out to eat this weekend, but my car had a mind of its own! :o) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Barry and Nikki and Stanley!!!! I was sharing with one of my friends at work my embarrassing moment on the way to your wedding! They laughed 'til they cried!!! :o) I think I turned red all over again. :o)

Ginboh said...

Happy Anniversary, Jen & Barry!

I babysat for Stan & Nik last night so they could have some time together alone.
Wes is a busy boy! LOL